Media and Translation Department


• Follow up on what is published about the University in national newspapers, media, and magazines, follow up on university education news and the news of scientific research, and make a daily file presenting to Mr. Dr. Chancellor of the University and the Vice-Chancellors and Secretary-General of the University.
• Cover the university events daily, write a news report, and send it to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television to highlight all events within the University for internal and external audiences.
• To inform and sensitize students, the Media Department prepares a manual to be distributed to the new students about the different colleges and their activities, the faculties’ departments, the conditions for admission, and the study materials, and prepare a manual for each college individually, as well as a general manual on the whole University
• They are strengthening the media connection, where the media Department supports the University’s relationship with the media representatives and provides them with all information, as well as inviting them to attend seminars, conferences, and university councils and facilitating their mission.
• Send telegrams of congratulations and condolences to the internal university masses (faculty members-employees-workers) as well as the external public (civil society institutions and local governance)
• Send telegrams of occasions to the President of the Republic and dignitaries of the State.
• Issuing a monthly, half-monthly, and periodical magazine about the University, periodicals in public fields, specialized booklets after conferences and seminars, and documenting national and international publications in the University.
• Examine complaints from both internal and external audiences and work to resolve such complaints.
• Activate the role of the Sanctions Fund, and pay benefits to workers with different crises.
• To issue brochures on the University in all languages for the Arab and foreign delegations visiting the University to familiarize the university faculties.
• Provide the University’s delegations participants in Egyptian universities’ Festivals & Tournaments with information materials, printed leaflets, and CD-ROMs containing the University’s installations and colleges.
• Accompanying foreign delegations visiting the University and preparing visiting programs for historical and tourist places.