Public Relations Administration

The task of public relations of the university plays a key role in highlighting the activities of the university and its educational role. There are two groups of the university crowds: the internal one which includes staff members, students, and graduates; and the external one which includes bodies related to the university such as companies, institutions, ministries, the public sector, the private sector, the business sector, the tourism sector, and others. The public relations of South Valley University makes all personal contacts and information that lead to cooperation and understanding between the university and the categories of different crowds. In addition, the administration of public relations is responsible for overcoming the difficulties faced by the university while contacting the crowd, newspapers, radio, scientific institutions, and organizations. It also explains the university’s role in society and clarifies the sides of scientific, social, sports, and cultural activities. Besides, it follows up the symposiums and conferences for the external crowd and exerts efforts to develop the society and consolidate the relationships between the university and the surrounding society of Qena. The South Valley University has undergone major expansions and many activities, as it has been established for more than twelve years, and it has branches in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, and Suhag (before its separation); therefore, the public relations role has increased in a clear and distinguished way. The administration of public relations at South Valley University is divided into two departments:
1- Department of Internal and External Relations

2- Media and Translation Department