General Administration of Financial and Administrative Guidance

* General Administration of Financial and Administrative Guidance is part of the organizational structure of the university under the direct supervision of Prof. President of the University.

Terms of reference and responsibilities for General Administration of Financial and Administrative Guidance are:

– Participating in the preparation of the rationalization of the performance system for financial work and the preparation of inspection plans for the work of the different sectors of the university.

– Ensuring the implementation of the financial regulations, systems, and instructions prescribed for carrying out the work in all sectors of the university, discovering the irregularities, errors, and shortcomings that taint the application, and proposing the appropriate solutions for them.

– Doing periodic reviews of all works of accounts, budget, procurement, warehousing, personal and subsidiary financial covenants, and the works of newspaper representatives in all units of the university.

– Following up the collection and disbursement procedures of the entitlements of the partners to the university and the entitlements of the university to the partners within the limits of the financial rules and instructions.

– Following up on the disbursement of periodic benefits on their deadlines, specifying the causes of delay, if they have existed, and investigating them.

– Following up the periodic inventory procedure and performing a spot-check inventory.

– Following up the movement of money, in financial terms, and the extent of implementing the terms of supply and the associated accounting and treasury work, in addition to the procurement of laboratories, libraries, workshops, etc. in the different branches of the university and its colleges.

– Examining the irregularities that are guided to the competent authority, participating in the treatment of deficiency that may be discovered, investigating it, and determining the liability for violations, if they exist.

– Following up on the implementation of the resolutions issued by the various authorities of the university in financial affairs.

– Participating in the committees that examine and investigate financial irregularities.

– Receiving and recording the contradictions of the Central Auditing Organization, the observations of the financial directorate and the other regulatory bodies related to the financial affairs of the university and its colleges, hospitals, or towns with the examination of these subjects, the fulfillment of responses to them by the competent authorities, notifying the regulatory authorities of these responses, and taking measures against the financial irregularities included in the contradictions to prevent future occurrences.

– Referring to all the contradictions that have not yet been met the investigation to discuss the reasons for the delay and present the result to the officials.

– Following up the implementation of registering the amounts owed to the government for debts account and following up their collection until they are paid in implementation of the financial irregularities included in the contradictions.

– Participating in the preparation of the performance rationalization system.

– Scrutinizing the work of Employee Relations in all its departments to ensure the proper application of laws and regulations, updating the records and forms in effect, detecting the deficiencies or irregularities of the application, and providing guidance for correct implementation.

– Reviewing the administrative work of the different units in the university and following up on their implementation in accordance with the regulations.

– Preparing a periodic plan to inspect the different administrative sectors to ensure the proper implementation of the procedures and rectifying its shortcomings.

– Scrutinizing the work of Students Affairs in terms of admissions and enrollment processes, examinations, discipline, and the payment of fees and records.

– Reviewing and monitoring the attendance and leave records of the employees of the university and its units, and the operational status of vehicles.

– Reviewing the work of the restrooms and monitoring the collection of orders.

– Examining the work of university towns in terms of applying the rules of admission and reviewing residence records, the payment of fees, and Housing and Dining Services.

Task Force

Num.Name Job Description
1Mr. Alaa Mohamed Abdel BasetGeneral Manager of the Administration
2Mr. Saeed Ahmed MohamedFinancial Affairs Specialist I
3Mr. Emad Kamal FikrySystems and Regulations Application Specialist II
4Mr. Ashraf Embark BarshaouyPersonnel Affairs Specialist II
5Mr. Abdullah Khalaf IbrahimPersonnel Affairs Specialist II
6Mr. Ahmed Abdel WahedFinancial Affairs Specialist III
7Mr. Hashim Mubarak HussainSecretary and archivist I
8Ms. Intisar Sadiq Mohamed secretary and archivist III
9Mr. Hosny Abdel Majeed Mohamed Services Worker

Internal: 1213

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