National Service Administration

Functions of the National Service Administration:

  • Receiving citizens seeking service, responding to their inquiries and guiding them to the competent authorities.
  • Positive assistance in overcoming the constraints of the executive work to solve public problems.
  • Receive inquiries, complaints and demands of citizens, examining and forwarding them to the officials and following up the reply.
  • Working to solve the public problems, following up the methods used to find solutions and notifying citizens with positive or negative results.
  • Researching and studying what is published in newspapers and magazines and what is broadcasted by the various media, especially the individual or general problems to remove the causes and resolve the problems.
  • Preparing a simplified working guide with the names of different administrations, their specialties, how they perform their work, the conditions and papers necessary to request the services they perform, their place and the time required to complete them.
  • Prepare indicators that indicate the level of performance in the public services and provide suggestions for improving and developing these services and simplifying procedures for their performance.