Department of Internal and External Relations


  • Development of public culture through the proposal, preparation, and follow-up of the annual cultural season of universities in which seminars, cultural conferences, art & sports meetings, and military for students are held.
  • They were receiving visiting student delegations such as exchanging visits with other university students to achieve scientific, cultural, and recreational objectives.
  • Receiving university guests, facilitating their stay, overcoming obstacles, working on their comfort, and drawing medical images of the university.
  • Linking the university with scientific centers specializing in the tourism sector in Qena, Dandara, Luxor, and Aswan by arranging visits for visiting delegations.
  • Conducting recreational trips for the internal audiences of the university and identifying the general problems of the internal audiences of the university and working to meet them with the senior management of the university in order to communicate between the senior management of the university and its internal audiences in order to strengthen the sense of belonging and interdependence of the university and the work of all services of interest to the internal audiences.
  • To carry out all matters related to the travel of the University’s internal audiences and to prepare the appropriate means of transportation for them.
  • Organizing the Graduate Proms, holidays, and various events.
  • Strengthening relations with various support bodies: – Public relations at the University contribute to winning over those who provide financial support to the University and its future projects and play the role in the service of the community to perform their messages
  • Participating in medical caravans, whether human or veterinary, which it carries out in the service of the local community within the scope of the University and carrying out the necessary propaganda for it in all the villages of Qena, Aswan, Luxor, Red Sea, and Sohag governorates before its separation.
  •  good reputation and decent appearance puts the University in a high place in terms of organization and coordination between different bodies and is the highest goal pursued by the management of public relations by influencing the activities and programs that achieve the goal