General Administration of Libraries

University Libraries Sector

• The University Libraries Sector of the South Valley University in its current structure consists of:

1 – General administration of university libraries and it is followed by: –

A – The Central Library of the University in Qena.

B – Library Affairs Administration.

C – Administration of Cataloging.

2 – Twenty-five libraries of Colleges and Institutes in Qena, Luxor and Hurghada.

The University Libraries Sector organizes the list of the university libraries that is approved by the University Council Resolution No. (429) in its session No. (29) held on 28/11/1996.

Its sections contain (43) articles explaining the systems and procedures used in organizing the work of the university libraries sector and its affiliated units.

Decisions issued by the University Council and the University Libraries Committee concerning the work system and its development are considered as complementary to these Regulations.

The General Administration of University Libraries monitors the implementation of the regulations in the work of the university libraries.