“You Are Strong” Sports Camp for self defense at South Valley University.

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr Youssef Grabawy, President of South Valley University and Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Nasary, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environment Development, and the supervision of Prof. Dr Ashraf Mussa, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Dr Abdul Haq Sayed, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Community Service and Development, Dr Hala Khair Snare, Professor of Mental Health and the director of Anti-Violence Against Women Unit, and the implementation of Dr Nahad Abdel Rahim, a teacher at the Faculty of Physical Education and the coordinator of Unit, where the camp aims to educate and train students from different colleges in how to self-defence in different circumstances, strengthen the self-confidence of students, increase their physical strength,  Adhering to the rules of health safety and enhancing students’ sense of safety at all times.