Stores Adminstration

Administration tasks:

-It`s responsible for maintaining the stocks within the required limits.

-Administers the stocks through the modern methods with keeping  general safety of the workers and stocks.

-Monitors developments of the institution  in coordination with other institutions.

Management members

    Name: Ahmed Salah Mohamed Ahmed

      Job: Management of stores

     Qualification: Intermediate Diploma

      Class: Third B

      Job Title: Third Maintenance and Operation Technician


    Name: Saied Hasan Badawy Ahmed

      Job: Responsible for Observing the Custody in the Stores Administration

     Qualification: Bachelor of Social Work

      Class: Third C

      Job Title: Third Social Specialist


    Name: Mahmoud Mubarak Attalla

      Job: Writing off Clerk in the Stores Administration

     Qualification: Junior High

      Class: Fourth A

      Job Title: Fourth Printing and Photography Technician