Initiation of the Applications for Scientific Research Prizes.

The General Administration of Post-Graduate Studies and Research (Scientific Research Administration )announces the beginning of applying for university prizes (Appreciation prize – Excellence prize – Encouragement prize -Best Authored – Best Translated – Scientific Publication) at the university for the year 2020, from Tuesday 12/1/2020 until 12/31 /2020.

The Applicants must consider the following:

– The application forms are uploaded to the university website.
– Compliance with the regulations (on the university website).
– Adhere to the announced application deadlines.
– Send the presented research and the application form via E-Mail of the General Administration of Post-Graduate Studies and + ​CD loaded with the presented research for the prize, the application form, and the prize requirements, according to the regulations.
– Auditing by the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies to ensure submission.