The President of South Valley University holds a meeting to discuss the Electronic Managerial Transactions System of the University.

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, witnessed a meeting to discuss the E-system for the administrative transactions at the university, in the presence of Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Vice- President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Mr Adel Ahmed Mustafa, Secretary-General of the University, Miss Tarub Tulba, Assistant of Secretary-General of the University, The General Managers, Directors of departments, secretaries of colleges and officials of the  Information Center

The president of the university confirmed that the E-System for the administrative transactions (Misk) has launched to automate all administrative transactions at the university where is the paper transactions system will be stopping on December 15 and all transactions will be complete through the Misk system, which will save time and effort, enable the higher administration to follow up on the completion rates of affiliated departments, achieve speed and accuracy in communication and follow up between the administrations, The president of the university added that the necessary training has provided to all employees of faculties and departments through the project officials, and the university provided all the technical means ​and work tools which are necessary to automate administrative transactions perfectly