Student mobility


Students and staff nominations for 2023/24 academic year


STA- Staff mobility for lectures from SVU   to NYSA POLAND: 2 persons (5 days plus 2 days for travel) for realisation in summer semester 2023/24

Suggested term:

  1. during the InternationalStaff Training Week 20-24.05.2024

  1. during the UAS in NysaInternational  Summer Programme 1-12.07.2024 

SMS- Student mobility for SVU to NYSA POLAND:

4 persons (5 months) ONLY for realisation during spring semester of the academic year 2023/24

The selected student should obligatory take 1 course ( 4ECTS) at UAS in Nysa International Summer Programme, that will be organised on 1-14.07.2024.


References from the past course in 2023:


If interested please Contact:

Associate Professor: Alaa Tag Eldin Mohamed 01069021103

Associate Professor: Emad Aly. 01014550521