Human Resources Administration

Administration Tasks:

-Edits the salaries for the teaching-staff ,their assistants and all employees at the faculty.

-Edits the extra hours for the teaching-staff and their assistants.

-Edits all special rewards for the teaching-staff and their assistants.

-Registers the salaries and rewards.

-Prepares promotion notes for the teaching-staff and their assistants who are eligible for promotion.

-makes benefits records, specified for salaries, rewards, ordinary and contingent vocations for the employees.

-Makes sub-files for the employees

-Creates a database for all employees that contains  job, personal and insurance data.

-Creates a specified file for every employees that includes papers, pictures and all the new related to the employee`s file

-Monitors presence and absence of the employees-

-Facilitates the internal procedures and determines its controls such as vacations and     missions.

-Monitors  the new rules and decisions of the university administration .

-Monitors laws, previous regulations and the operation of policies and the internal list such as policies of vocations, transferring, exams affairs..etc