Student care Administration

Administration tasks:

-Developing the social responsibility of students by inculcating moral values, considering others and cooperating with them.

-Endowing the students with the skills needed to adapt to the academic life.

-Practicing democracy through the student union.

-The use of leisure time of students for the benefit of them and the community.

-Solving the problems of students and providing  all needs.

-Providing the opportunity to extend more benefits to the biggest number of students in the various activities and competitions.

-Raising the level of sports training, physical fitness and general health for students.

-Encouraging the students to participate in the projects of community service, scout camps, and rangers, inside and outside the faculty.

-Holding artistic activities.

-Highlighting the talents of students and putting their efforts at the various cultural fields.

-Encouraging the idea of student families and positive participation.

-Making scientific trips and purposeful recreational trips.

-Fostering a spirit of belonging through participating in the activities of faculty such as cleanliness, tree-planting, helping in organizing seminars and conferences.

-(Nomination request for student union election)

-Eelectric card for student union )

Activity of Student Families

It includes forming student families , practicing in different activities and participating in the central management activities.

Sports activity

It includes holding sports tournaments on all occasions and participating in the central management activities.

Cultural activity

It includes religious and cultural competitions , seminars and wall-charts _participating in the central management activities.

Artistic activity

It includes holding various shows and artistic competitions, displaying Arab and foreign movies, training at the arts center at the university, appointment of the student union and participating in the central management activities.

 Social activity and trips

It includes holding the union elections and competitions at the field of the social activity(chess,  perfect student)_ participating in the outer meetings (visiting educational institutions,  students aids of the social solidarity fund)

Rangers activity and public service

It includes holding various students camps, forming ranger clans, making the student guide and participating in the activities of the central management .