Youth Welfare Administration


2-Adapt them to university life.

3- Practice the democratic method through the student union and various types of activities.

4-Solve students’ problems using different methods.

5- Raise the level of sports training, physical fitness and general health of students.

6-Encourage students to participate in environmental service projects, scouting and roving camps.

7-Do artistic activities in its various forms.

8-Encourage of the student activities and positive participation.

9- Participate in faculty activities such as cleaning and afforestation, helping to organize seminars and conferences, and celebrating new students.

( Nomination of the Student Union elections.) ( A card for the Student Union.)

MR/ Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed

General Manager of Youth Care, Faculty of Law
                                                  MR/ Mohamed Ashour Mohamed
Senior Specialist of Youth Care Administration
MR/ Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed

MR/ Abo Bakr Abd El-Aziz

MS/ Faten Gaber Ahmed

MS/ Sara Gamal Mohamed

MS/ Walaa Mohamed