Human Resource Administration

– It is one of the most important departments in the faculty and the main factor of any institution,


– Pay all the monthly salaries of the faculty members, their assistants, and employees.

– Pay the extra hours of the faculty members and their assistants monthly.

– Prepare promotion notes of faculty members and their assistants.

– Create sub-files for the staff of the Faculty.

– Make special lists (regular and occasional) vacation for the employees of the Faculty.

– Create a database for all employees that includes personal, employment and insurance data of each employee.

– Create a file of each employee that contains papers, pictures, and everything new in the employee’s file.

– Follow up the attendance and departure of the employees.

– Facilitating internal procedures such as vacations, assignments, etc., and carrying out those tasks easily.

– Follow-up of the new rules and decisions issued by the university administration to the employees.

– The application of the law, and regulations, the conduct of policies and internal regulations within the university, such as vacations, transportation, examination work and other policies.

– Applying penalties to the violating employee that regulates punishment procedures for employees and workers.


– A statement form

– Experience certificate form

– Vacation application form

MR/ Mahmoud Bashir
Human Resources Administration Manager

MS/ Mervat Danial

MS/ Hala Sayed

MS/ Mariam Maher

MS/ Fatma El- Zahraa Ali

MR/ Ahmed Mohamed Nour

MR/ Hassan Abd El-Rahman