Student Affairs Administration


-The Administration receives students and finishes all work related to their enrollment in the faculty.

-The administration guides students to transfer to and from the faculty, with the coordination sheets from the Central Student Affairs, files are prepared for the students of the first year.

-Prepare medical examination forms of new students.

-Prepare the lists of the students and make the magnetic carnet.

-Prepare recruitment lists and academic postponements.

-Writing seating numbers, and preparing a list of exam locations.

-Review first and second semester results.

-Counting and numbering each committee and taking names and numbers of absent students’ seating.

MR/ Roshdy Abd El-Kader
Manager of Student Affairs Administration in the faculty

MS/ Enas Abo El-Hamd

Miss/ Esraa Abd El Basset

MS/ Salwa El-Arby

MR/ Ahmed Abo El-Hamd

MR/ Adel Ahmed Mahmoud

MR/ Mohamed Asad

Mr/ Ahmed Qubeisi

MR/ Radwan Mohamed