Postgraduate Administration


1- Declaring about the opening date of applying for enrollment and registration for postgraduate studies in the faculty at the beginning of each new academic year.

2-Declaring the available departments in the faculty to students to complete their postgraduate studies.

3-The administration receives documents of students to register in postgraduate studies, provided that these documents are examined and matching with the regulations, laws and decisions issued by the competent authorities.

4-The administration approves registration procedures of students from the relevant councils.

5-The administration also declare schedules according to each department to students.

6-Postgraduate students are notified of the tuition fees of the various degrees.

7-Students are registered on the university’s website under the (MIS) project.

8-All measures were taken for the examinations at the end of the year.

9-Administrative procedures of registration to obtain Master’s and PhD.

10-The necessary administrative procedures of discussions of scientific theses.

11-Administrative matters of the competent authorities to approve academic degrees (Diploma – Master – PhD) for students.

12-Administrative approvals of the competent authorities of expatriate students to enroll.

13- The application of regulations, laws and decisions to expatriate students by the competent authorities.

14- Preparing databases of graduate studies, and making statistics to be submitted to the concerned authorities.

15- The administration extracts temporary certificates of graduates in various disciplines.

16- The administration is also responding to any correspondence of various authorities.

17- The administration is concerned with showing the results publicly, or through the faculty’s website.

Bylaw of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law, Qena

MS/ Hasnaa Abo El-Magd
General Manager of the Graduate Studies Administration

MR/ Mostafa Mohamed

MR/ Mostafa Mohamed

MS/ Karima Mohamed

MS/ Omnia Mohamed

MS/ Zeinab Kamal