About Faculty

Law study has a good position and one of the most human studies, because of its relation to the society and its problems and its significant effects in the country’s progress and prosperity.
South Valley University has keen on establishment of Faculty of Law on legal literacy in south Egypt and supplying it with specialists in various areas of law. As a result of the establishment of Faculty of Law according to the Presidential Decree No. 129 of 2006, the faculty bylaw was issued according to the quality and accreditation standards and presenting excellent educational service.
The faculty bylaw aimed to achieve balance of hours numbers of study between courses of the first and second semester and cancel some additional courses.
As a result of the greet efforts of the faculty staff members, a ministerial decree no. 2149 of 2009 was issued to list the faculty bylaw.
The faculty thanks the university president for his efforts to issue the faculty bylaw.