Dean Word

…….Ladies and Gentlemen

It is not measured by the progress of nations and people military or technological development only, but by the extent of respect of the law, which preserve and protect the principle rule of the law

The law is an imperative to regulate relationships in any society, to achieve stability, safety, security and reassurance among all citizens

There is no doubt that the Faculty of Law represents justice, truth and equality, with its students and professors who carried the banner of justice, truth, responsibility for legal education, and the dissemination of legal culture, upholding the value of mankind, un racism, eliminating extremism, moderation, love and acceptance each other

The study at the Faculty of Law represents a fundamental pillar of any democratic society, where the various branches of law that include several important topics that address most of our life issues, to achieve justice, and respect human rights, that preserves its value and supremacy, and does not affect the country or its national security

 Prof. Dr. Daweeb Hussein Saber

 Dean of the Faculty