Secretary Administration


-First, receiving and sorting the daily mail, taking copies of it, then submitting it to the responsible manager, so that the manager directs the mail to the employees, distributes according to each one of them finally, the mail is saved.

-Follow up on phone calls, in case that phone calls came during the absence of the manager, the secretary must response and take notes to those calls to inform the manager of them.

-Preparing correspondence, the secretary also designs and prepares official forms such as requests for leave, Internal notes, daily and monthly reports.

-organizing visits and contacts of the manager, work on registering the names and phone numbers of the people who request to meet the manager, then arrange appropriate times for those visits, prepare the required information on the subject of the visit so that the manager can respond to any questions directed to him, and welcome guests.

-Follow up the organization and arrangements of meetings held by the manager, prepare the meeting room if the meeting is at the workplace or reserve a meeting room in a hotel and professional syndicate, and the secretary follows the participants to attend the meeting at the specified place and time.

-Follow up travels of the manager, make the reservation of the ticket and prepare the work file that the manager will discuss and follow up on during his travel.

-Prepare the archive and file room, the secretary is interested in organizing and keeping files and papers related to work within the drawers of special files, according to their classification, to facilitate the process of bringing any file requested by the manager and employees.

MR/ Hossam Ahmed Ibrahem
Manager of the Dean’s Office

Ehsan Atallah Masoud