A Seminar In The Second Wave of Coronavirus.

Under the patronage of prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of south valley university, the university provided an educational seminar about coronavirus, entitled” the second wave of coronavirus, effects and solutions”. With the presence of prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, vice president for community service and environmental development affairs and Dr. Ali Abdel Rahman Sayed, dean of faculty of medicine and a number of the teaching-staff of faculty of computer and information.

Dr. Alaa Rashad, head of chest diseases department explained scientific information about coronavirus; its symptoms, ways to diagnose the disease, ways of infection, the immunity system after the infection, the difference between coronavirus and cold, how to deal with coronavirus patients and the precautionary measures.

Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary spoke about the role of the state and its support to get out of the current crisis and keep the public health. He also spoke about how careful the university to keep the safety of students, he emphasized on the necessity of following the precautionary measures for the safety and continuity of the educational process.

At the end of the seminar, an open dialogue was moderated between students and lecturers.