Veterinary and Human Medical Compaigns in Halayeb , Shalateen and Abu Rama

In cooperation with Tanta University, a medical campaign moved to Halayeb, Shalateen and Abu Ramad under the auspice of President of South Valley University Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gherbawy and President of Tanta University Prof. Dr. Magdy Sabaa . SVU campaign included three fields – medical awareness, dental care and veterinary medicine that provided free treatment to 88 cases. With the participation of 24 doctors from Tanta University , the human medical campaign provided free treatment to 548 persons in the different specializations- Internal Medicine (81 cases), Ophthalmology (108 cases), Neuropsychiatry (18 cases) and Pediatrics (79cases), Orthopedics(62 cases),Ear, Nose, and Throat (69 cases), surgery(27cases), Eye surgery(7 cases), Vascular surgery (6 cases), Dermatology (71 cases).