The Faculty Objectives

The faculty aims to graduate students who can provide health care to individuals, family and community, and serve the environment in health-illness situations through the acquisition of students the ability to evaluate, plan and implement physiotherapy techniques and procedures for patients according to their needs and health conditions, in addition to:

1) Meeting the increasing demand for graduates of physical therapy for the Egyptian health sector, especially in Upper Egypt.

2) Providing students with appropriate communication skills, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.

3) Preparing students with a high level of clinical competence and patient care in the technical field.

4) Development of management tools and strategies to deal with international standards.

5) Realistic analysis of obstacles that prevent the development of management performance with continuous evaluation according to international standards.

6)  Effective improving students’ performance as a result of education development.

7) Utilization of strategies for continuing education to achieve the effectiveness of education per the relevant community needs.

8) Achieving a distinctive level of scientific research in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation for disabled children per environmental requirements