The library of the Faculty of Physiotherapy is located on the ground floor towards the north of the entrance. The library contains specialized books in all departments of the faculty.

Responsibility and duties of library staff:

1- Preparing the annual work plan at the beginning of each academic year.

2- Receipt of the library’s custody of furniture, equipment, books, periodicals and references.

3- Preparing the library at the beginning of each academic year and identifying the library’s needs of books, periodicals, educational materials, furniture, equipment and tools.

4- Provides the library with books, periodicals, publications and educational materials.

5- Informing students of new publications and educational materials that come to the library and helping them to access appropriate sources of information.

6- Organizing, classifying, indexing and arranging the contents of the library by providing cards and banners to make it easier for students to take them and return them to their places.

7- Encouraging students to go to the library and read.

8- Organizing borrowing operations for students through its records.

9- Forming the Friends of the Library Committee and holding regular meetings.

10- Registering books, periodicals and publications in the library’s register.

11- Registering books and scientific references on the future system (digital library).

12- Attending meetings, training, and workshops.