Announcement of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee.

A piece of Important news for the faculty members, Associate Body, and Researchers of Physical therapy Faculties, we would like to inform you that The Scientific Research Ethics Committee is pleased to receive your research and questions in the following email: –

-The Committee Meeting will hold on the second Monday of each month.
-To contact and receive your inquiries: –
Dr. Sara Ibrahim Kabash, Assistant Teacher at the Faculty.
Dr. Rida Shukry Abdu Elmotlb, Lecturer at the Faculty.
-The Pay for Research Fees will be in Faculty Treasury.
-100 pounds for the Master’s thesis research 100 pounds.
-200 pounds for doctoral/scientific research of faculty members.
-300 pounds for faculty research projects funded by the University.
-Attach the payment receipt with forms of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee dedicated to submitting to the Committee, where the research sent will not be considered other than the forms prepared for that.
-Scientific Research Ethics Committee forms are available on the faculty’s official website.
-Attached Forms