Youth Welfare

-It an effective role through student activities and multiple services, such as financial and social aid, sports, cultural and entertainment activities.

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The Administration’s Tasks

 First: Social Solidarity

-The faculty provides social assistance for students who are unable or who have special circumstances, and these aids are (study expenses – books – glasses – clothes…etc.)

 Second: Sports Activity

-Sports activity aims to help and encourage students to engage in activity, as well as spreading the spirit of competition among students, and to help students form their bodies properly.

 Third: Cultural Activity

-It provides students new information, help them exchange experiences and encourage them to practice activities, such as religious, and cultural awareness.

Fourth: Artistic Activity

-It aims to develop technical skills and artistic taste among students through:

Art competitions in painting and fine arts.

-Theater competitions.

-Competitions in singing and choral.

Fifth: Public Service Activity

It aims to provide the individual the capabilities that help him take responsibility, the spirit of loyalty and teamwork through:

-Camp for new students.

-Public service camp.

-Night parties and volunteer work.

Sixth: Social Activity

-It aims to learn, form social skills and relationships, and develop the ability to interact in a manner between students and social through:

-Concerts for orphans and community development.

-Scientific trips.

-Student competitions and chess.

Work Team

Mrs. Eman Abdel Wahab Mohamed (Manager )

Mr. Mahmoud Gamal Mohamed (Specialist)

Mr. Reda Khairy Gad (Specialist)

Mr. Sami Abdel Rahim Mohammed (Specialist)

Mr.Fahd Mobarak Mohammed (Specialist)