The prime minister issued a decree No. 1190 for 2014 by establishing faculty of mass communication at South Valley University in Qena, in order to be the third Faculty of Mass Communication in Egypt.
While the university was opened Media department at Faculty of Arts in 2006, which contributed in providing the researchers and students in Media field, therefore this department transferred to Faculty of Mass Communication, in order to develop the university in Media studies.
On the other hand, Faculty of Mass Communication has E-learning program which employing technology revolutions in Media, this came in the light of the attention of state to develop the Upper Egypt in Media, in order to keep up with requirements of sustainable development, where the media’s role is discussing the issues in Upper Egypt.
Moreover, the faculty’s role in enlightenment of public opinion in Upper Egypt as well as graduating distinct alumni professionally and technically ,and able to keep pace with global developments in information and communication technology that contribute to the advancement of human thought, besides qualifying graduates to monitor various issues and solving them , in order to present them according to the media ethic .