Faculty Establishment

-Prime Minister issued a decree No. 1190 of 2014 to approve the formation of the Faculty of Mass Communication at South Valley University in Qena, to become the third Faculty in Egypt, That does not mean that the university was not interested in media previously, as the Media Department was established at the Faculty of Arts in 2006 in Qena and it continued to present researchers and media cadres, but in 2014 it turned to the Faculty of Mass Communication, the university has developed the field of media studies for 18 years, but with a new guise, sophisticated technological and artistic capabilities that keep up with developments and communication revolution.

The Faculty is distinguished from other Faculties of Media that has an e-learning program that benefits from employing technological in the field of media.

The role of the media comes to present Upper Egypt issues of due concern, and then the faculty plays the role of enlightenment for public opinion in Upper Egypt, and its role extends to Egypt and the Arab world, in providing distinguished graduates professionally and technically to keep up with global developments of media and communication technology.