Faculty Capabilities

The Technical Capabilities of the Faculty
Computer Labs:

-The Faculty contains three (3) labs, each lab has twenty (20) devices. It used in media training on designing media websites, through learning for designing for the electronic media department, such as photo shop programs, adobe flash programs, and Dream waver program, as well as programming languages used in design such as Html and JavaScript.

-It also trains students on projects in the field of public relations, design and advertising, and it trains students of the journalism department through training on the indesign program for designing news. Students of the Radio and Television Department benefit from the lab in producing animation and multimedia programs.

TV Studio:

-The Faculty has a TV Studio with the latest equipment to deal with television photography, montage and sound. There are many television cameras and audio equipment prepared for students.

-The studio serves talented students to record the Holy Quran, music and songs. It serves various civil society institutions, commercial and industrial establishments. The studio made religious documentary films for mosques and about the university with its various faculties.

Press Equipment Unit:

The Faculty includes press devices for student training supported by publishing programs, students are trained in it on design and press programs such as: photoshop and indesign program, and students are also in it on how to edit and reformulate news to review the university news.

Press Photography Unit:

-The Faculty has many digital cameras that are used in photographic arts, so the student can be qualified to handle the journalistic topic professionally and to provide high – quality images.

Faculty Library:

-The Faculty of Media and Communication Technology includes two libraries with computers linked to the library of Egyptian universities connected to global databases of the latest scientific research for the last five years.

Electronic Services :

The faculty seeks to establish a unit that deals with electronic services provided to faculty members and students, effectively supervising the faculty’s site, as well as maintaining laboratory equipment.

-The electronic services unit is also trying to create databases for students, employees and faculty members by linking them to the Academic Department to provide educational services to communicate with students easily.
Quality Unit:

-The Quality Unit also evaluates the performance of faculty members, complaints about the educational process by making questionnaires for students ’views on the scientific content and their satisfaction with the educational service.