About the Faculty

In the framework of development of Upper Egypt it was established Faculty of Mass Communication for first time in the university , according to issued decree by Supreme Council of Universities, where the study will be begun in next academic year.
The faculty is one of educational services after the revelation of June 30, where it is contributing in reducing alienation among the students in the community.
On the other hand, Faculty of Mass Communication is the third faculty in Egypt, which interested in communication technology and has four departments; Press, Radio and Television, Public Relations and Electronic Media. The faculty was established on 2000 m , which included (3) computer labs, journalistic unit, radio studio, modern classes , research center for public opinion , women and media center , press club , theater and cinema.
Moreover, the faculty was received many donations from the civil society, where Sawiris Foundation for Development was pledged to establish radio studio and another television, as well as Press print and classes , besides establishing a hall includes 250 students.
The study system in the faculty is on accredit hours , it’s also academic staff at the faculty have include various disciplines for electronic director , multimedia ,electronic editing , montage and television.