community service

It rendered many immanent deeds in the field of serving society and preserving the community as:

1- Searching for the natural sources and evaluating them to use them in the process of developing and choosing the suitable sites of quarries of sands ,stones ,rocks and silt and other things of the natural raw materials.

2- Searching for marble and granite in the eastern desert and contributing to building the biggest factory of those materials in the industrial area in Qift.

3- Using the geophysics instruments in searching for the underground water in the reclaimed lands of the eastern and western deserts on both banks of the Nile of those areas.

4- Studying the effect of the underground water on the important monuments and the population areas and finding useful solutions for these problems.

5- Evaluating the sand and the stones quarries in Qena surroundings.

6- Contributing to some national projects with the help of the governorate in choosing the suitable blocks to design and build Qena korniche.

7- Contributing to cleaning and decorating Qena City.

8- Doing Studies on the cracks of Qena /Safagaa road , to overcome them and to make use of the zone in the future .

9- Studying the torrents’ paths ,how to avoid their hazards and to make use of the water and deposits they carry either in cultivation or setting up the quarries.

10- Limiting the underground water level near the new Nag Hamadi barrages to be able to set up the constructions.

11- Using the geophysics instruments to search for and inspect about the buried monuments in New Teba city in Luxor.

12- Doing the geophysics studies and the engineering evaluation for the structure rocks of New Teba City in Luxor to know to how extent there rocks can solve problems that appear in the near future such as caving that are found in the lime rocks or some swallows of the mud layers , may be near the surface of the earth and may affect the safety of the buildings and constructions when these layers sucks with water that sometimes affect whole cities.

The department can also do these studies through the advisory office of the department and also the respectable consultants of the staff of the department:

1- Doing the main and necessary geological studies that are important for the different developing projects such as ( constructing new cities- reclaiming lands –or engineering constructions ) .These studies are for limiting the specifications and the nature of the land and soil that include

a) Rocky ,mineral and geochemical studies to specify rocks , their importance and traces on the different constructions.

b) Studying the structure of the environment for the regions such as cracks that affected the zone to know to how extent these zones were affected by those movements that affect the projects and the different constructions.

c) The mineral exploration and evaluating the raw materials of rocks ,industrial minerals ,building substances and decoration stones .

2- The geological mapping of the zone with all its measuring by using the space pictures and the survey instruments . All these things form an image of Topography and geology that have ultimate ends for constructions and to put the reports and the economic studies for their finance.

3- The geological survey on phosphate sites that are found in the Nile Valley and the Valley of Qena.

4- Using the geophysics instruments for inspecting and searching for the buried monuments in the surroundings and the nearby sites of the monuments in the South Valley.

5- Doing Geophysics studies and the engineering evaluation for the rocks of construction to know to how extent there rocks can endure .

6- Doing studies for protecting the cities and villages that are located on the Valleys’ mouths against danger of torrents and studying the most suitable suggested sites for setting up dams.

7- Detecting the geophysics and hydrogenised labs of the department.