Registration Conditions

Article (19)

Bachelor degree in Science in any single or double specialization from any Egyptian Universities or equivalent

Article (20)

Diploma duration is a year of theoretical and practical and training study determined by the faculty council

Article (21)

Exams of diploma are held twice yearly .Exam duration is 3 hours except for courses of theoretical hour weekly where exam duration is 2 hours. The student has an opportunity to re-exam and does not allowed to register for any of the referred diplomas for more than two years. He should get at least 60% in every course to be successful.
Requirements for M. Sc. Degree

Article (23)

Bachelor degree from any Egyptian university or equivalent. Gradation should be no less than (Good). The student should be satisfactory to the other scientific conditions set by the specialized department

Article (24)

Period for M. Sc. Degree is two years at least that is divided into two phases (preliminary year) and Registration phase (field and practical study).The student should success in the preliminary year to register. He should study full-time. Applying for master degree is in October yearly.

Article (25)

Holding seminars of every department for 2 hours weekly .The student should attend 75%at least of seminars approved by the department annually.

Article (26)

To get master degree, the student should:
Attend theoretical, practical and training lectures organized by the faculty council according to the department council suggestions for a year at least
Pass exams of the preliminary year
Do research determined by the faculty council according to the department council suggestions
Prepare objects and attending seminars of his specialization under the auspices of the supervision committee of his thesis through the period of registration.
Present the research results in his thesis

Article (27)

Holding exams yearly determined by the postgraduate council according to the faculty council suggestions

Article (28)

The grading system is as follows:
Excellent from 90% to more
Very Good from 80% to less than 90%
Good from 70% to less than 80%
Pass from 60% to 70%
Fail less than 60%

Article (29)

The faculty council placed a professor as a supervisor on the thesis. In the absence of a professor, an assistant professor may supervise and lecturers may participate in it.