Museums Adminstration and Educational Aids

Its Responsibilities Include :

-Design and implementation of the main museum of the University and the museums of the scientific faculties and their provision of various educational means.

-Provide museums with the necessary animals, insects, plants, rocks and succession.

-Preservation of samples by correct scientific means and ranking them in homogeneous collections within each museum and together with each sample with scientific summary to explain each piece for use in scientific studies.

-Direct, train and mentor technical assistants and workers in the preparation their museum specimens.

-Keeping records of perpetual and expendable inventory in Proper storage systems.

-Maintenance of all equipment, tools and machinery used and provision of spare parts for it.

 -take the proper procedure to ensure that all requirements for tools  equipment, ores and chemicals of the Museum are met in accordance with the regulations on storage and finance.

-Maintenance the records of commitments and accreditation for management and review of documents received from companies supplying devices and service.

-Maintenance and settlement of permanent and temporary imprest records.

-Preparation of data for the Management’s Project Budget.

-Preparation of periodic and annual activity reports.

-Provid the museums with modern audio-visual educational means, which have cooperated in teaching the preparation of microscopic and graphs, maps and various illustrations and anatomical paintings used in teaching.

-Preparation of sound and television recordings, scientific films, slides and photographs and organization of their performances in museums.

-The operation of cinematographers, the Projektor, the Magic Lantern, television circuits and all the devices used.

-comunication with various external bodies to participate in the preparation of scientific seminars featuring films and scientific segments.

-Help to produce the scientific journal on research and to produce it in the appropriate form in terms of preparation for publication.

-Maintain all equipment and machinery in use and to provide the necessary spare parts and knowledge of their reserves by the Financial Regulations.

-Realization Permanent and temporary imprest.