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Last News

Ph.D. Discussion

Discussion of Ph.D. of the student/Mohamed Abdu Abdulsameh publicly From Abroad will be held on Thursday, 2022/5/19 p.m., 11th afternoon at the Geology Department Amphitheatre in the laboratories unit building […]


Congratulations from Prof. Dr Khaled bin Alwaleed Abdul Fatah to both Prof. Dr Wissam Mohamed Ali and Prof.Dr Mahmoud Saied Abdul Sadiq for receiving the University Award.

Prof. Dr Khaled bin-Alwaleed, Dean of the Faculty, the heads of the departments, the faculty members, the auxiliary body, and the staff of the Faculty, Congratulate both Prof. Dr Mahmoud […]


The University’s Council decides that passing the occupational safety and health course is considered a ground for promotion.

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, approved the formation of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee under the chairmanship of Dr El-Sughir Amran Ahmad Ali, Deputy Veterinary […]


The President of the University congratulates President El-Sisi on the Occasion of the coming Ramadan.

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharabawy, President of South Vally University, sent a congratulatory message to H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, on the occasion of the coming […]


Historical brief

On Saturday, September, 1973, theoretical and experimental studies were started in faculty of science at Qena as a branch from Assuit University. Faculty of science at Qena tries to be one of the special faculties on the local and international level. Academic enhancement and the working procedure is one of the main causes to achieve this goal. Suitable environment to produce high technique teaching for effective teaching, execute high research projects, good community service are available



Achieving academic and student community dominated by education, awareness, culture and challenge where all parties are in ongoing dialogue to graduate active alumni equipped with information qualifies them to be producers and creators.



The faculty aims at distinction on the local and regional level through : Cooperating with international and regional universities and institutions Doing targeted researches Providing distinct educational services to provide labor market with qualified alumni Providing community services and scientific consultations Ongoing training in education to meet the scientific progress