I thank in high esteem all the department staff for their efforts and constructive cooperation to achieve the highest levels of quality in education.
It’s the pleasure to congratulate my students for choosing this department to complete their university studies hoping achieving progress and excellence.

Dr. Mousa Fakhry

Department of Geology is one of the main departments in Faculty of Science since its establishment in 1973 and has an active role in serving the community where it founded the geological and geophysical consulting office which provides many services in search for groundwater to increase the agricultural area and mineral ores are used in many industries, the utmost importance in human life and the increasing demand of it day by day.

The department also organizes many Geoscientific trips for students under the supervision of the faculty staff members to apply what they taught practically. We want to like Geology with all its branches as an introduction to scientific progress and a path to civilization hoping to you to be a great scientist and discoverer, God willing.