Academic Staff

Full- Time Members of the  Zoology Department.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zaky Youssef Ali, Professor (full-time) Insect Environment.

-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Mostafa, Professor – (full-time) Invertebrate Environment.

-Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahim Ali Abdel Hamid Al Shater, Professor – (full-time) physiology.

-Prof. Fayza Mohamed Ali Mustafa, Professor – (full-time) Cytogenetics.

-Prof. Dr. Suhair Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed, Professor. (full-time)


-Prof. Hoda Saady Mohamedin Abdel-Jalil ,Professor – (full-time)


-Dr. Amna Mohammed Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Assistant Professor   (full-time) Histology.

-Dr. Amal Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Al-Qattan, Assistant Professor  (full-time) Invertebrate Environment.

Faculty members and their assistants  of the Zoology Department.

-Prof. Dr. Hamili Abdel Shafi Hassan, Dean of the Faculty, Cytogenetics.

-Prof. Dr. Abdel Basset Masoud Obaid, Professor – Cytogenetic ,Seconded.

-Prof. Dr. Khaled Saeed Mohamed Othman, Professor, Insect Environment.

-Prof. Dr. Khalaf Nour Abdel Wahed Ammar, Professor ,Parasitology.

-Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Ahmed Hussein, Professor, Head of the Department of Parasitology.

-Dr. Ibrahim Issa Issa Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Insect Environment.

-Dr. Nadia Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, Assistant Professor,  Parasitology.

-Dr. Abdel Basset Aref Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Tissue Chemistry.

-Dr. Narmin Moamen Hussein Adam, Assistant Professor, Parasitology.

-Dr. Mohy El-Din Zain El-Abidein,  Assistant Professor, Parasitology.

-Dr. Mohamad Bassiouny Mohamad El-Mahdy, Assistant Professor.

-Dr. Rana Abdel-Sattar Ahmed Ali, Teacher,  Physiology.  

 -Dr. Heba Muhammad Fangary Abu Jabal, Teacher.

-Dr. Zainab Abdel Khaleq Mara`y Mahmoud , Teacher, Cytogenetics, outposted.

-Dr. Naglaa Rashad Atallah, Teacher, Physiology, Seconded.

-Dr. Zainab Kamal Sayed Mohamad, Teacher,  Embryology and  Anatomy.

-Dr. Elamir Hussein Mohamad Hussein, Teacher.

-Dr. Mohamed Allam Ahmed Mohamed, Teacher, Cytogenetics.

-Dr. Asmaa Adel Abdel Moheed, Teacher, Parasitology.

-Dr. Sherihan Abdel Karem Refai Salem, Teacher.

-Dr. Mervat Ahmed Badawy Mahmoud, Teacher, Insect Environment.

-Dr. Amr Mohamed Mohamed Badawy,Teacher, Insect Environment.

-Dr. Lubna Abdel Hamid Ali Youssef, Teacher, Tissue Chemistry.

-Zainab Ali Saad Abdel-Aty Assistant Teacher, Insect Environment,  Foreign Mission.

-Dr. Nadia Samir Mahrous Al-Mursy,  Teacher, Insect Environment,  outposted.

-Dr. Salwa Mansour Mohamed Gad,  Teacher, cell biology.

-Dr Mohamed Hamdy Ibrahim Ali, Assistant Teacher, External Physiology Mission.

-Dr Jihan Hassan Mohamed Ali, Assistant Teacher, Insect Environment.

-Dr Yasser Farhat Mahmoud Karar, Assistant Teacher, Parasitology.

-Dr. Ali Mansour Fadl- Elah, Teacher, Parasitology.

-Dr Amr Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Assistant Teacher, Genetics.

-Dr Amira Mohamed Metwally, Assistant Teacher, Child Care


-Dr Maryam Abu Bakr Fawy Mahmoud Assistant Teacher,


-Dr Siham Ali Mubarak, Assistant Teacher, tissues.

-Dr Maryam Muhammad Jad El-rab, Assistant Teacher.

-Dr Obaidah Fawzy Abu-Elhassan, Assistant Teacher.

– Azza Mahmoud Jaber, Demonstrator.

-Eman Jamal Hassan, Demonstrator.

-Wafaa Abdel-Dayem Abu El-Walfa, Demonstrator, parasitologist.

-Fatima Khalil Ali Khali,l Demonstrator.

-Eman Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud, Demonstrator.

-Radwa Ahmed Mahmoud, Demonstrator.

-Hala Fouad, Demonstrator.

-Shaima Mohamad Ali Mohamad, Demonstrator.

-Eman Ahmed Allam, Demonstrator.

-Esraa Youssef Abdel-Baqi Mohamed, Demonstrator.

-Heba Sabry Abdel Rahim Mohamed, Demonstrator.

-Abd El-Rahman Mohammad El-Sadiq Abd El-Muhsein, Demonstrator.

-Naglaa Abdel-Muntaleb Mohamed Obaid , Demonstrator.

Note:– Please review your seniority and updated CV, and inform the Technology Services Unit of any change.

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