Museum of the Zoology Department

The Museum of Zoology Department has a collection of specimens, from different regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt over previous years, These specimens represent most of the Animal Kingdom’s Communities which contribute to the process of self-learning, as well as being used for practical classes.

It is considered a shrine for the students of the university and scientific trips of students at pre-university levels from various schools in Qana.

The Museum has most of the Animal Kingdom’s Communities as:

The Group of invertebrates.

The museum contains specimens representing invertebrate communities:

Some specimens of protozoa, meta-isotopes, worms, arthropods, molluscs, prickly leather creatures, and invertebrates.

 The Group of vertebrates.
The museum contains specimens representing vertebrate communities:

Some vertebrate-amphibians-fish-reptiles-birds-mammals.

The Educational Models and Paintings.

The museum contains various scientific paintings, It also contains educational models for the parts of the human body, the structure of humans and the structures of some other animals, and models for the stages of embryonic development of some animals.