Academic Staff

Full- Time Members of the Mathematics Department.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Safwat Abdel-Radi, Full time Professor.

Dr. Samia Daniel Narouz Makar ,Full-time Teacher.

Dr. Nasr El-Din Farid Rashid, full-time teacher.

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz , full-time teacher.

Dr. Shadia Mohamed Abdel Shafy Ali ,  full-time teacher.

Faculty Members and their Assistants of the Mathematics Department.

Prof. Dr. Saad Zagloul Reda Ahmed ,Professor.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Bakhit Ali Mansour ,Professor – Head of the Department.

Prof. Dr. Kamal Al Saady Ibrahim ,Professor.

Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Mohamed Abu Dahab Khodeiri, Professor.

Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Mohamed, full-time Assistant Professor.

Prof. Dr. Jamal Abdullah Ahmed Al-Sayed, Professor.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sobhy Mohamed, Professor.

Prof. Dr. Musa Khalifa Ahmed Mohamed ,Professor.

Dr. Abdel Nasser Gharib Abdel Rahman, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Muhammad Khalaf Allah Al-Borai .Assistant Professor.

Dr. Sameh El-Sayed Ahmed Hassan ,Assistant Professor.

Dr. Misaad Mahmoud Makki Mahmoud, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Saghir Atito Ali, Assistant Professor -Seconded.

Dr. Saleh Ayyad Muhammad Omran ,Assistant Professor.

Dr. Abdel Rahim Ali Mahmoud , Assistant Professor-seconded. Dr. Mohamed Saad Mohamed Aqel, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Abdel Nasser Abdel Mawgoud Othman ,teacher.

Dr. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Mohamed Younis, teacher.

Dr. Hussein Shafy Hussein Hassanein, teacher.

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Attia, teacher – Seconded.

Dr. Fawzy Abdel-Aty Mohamed Nour,teacher – Seconded.

Dr. Fatima Abdul Latif Muhammad, teacher.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Youssef Hussein ,Assistant Professor.

Dr. Nahla Fathy Ahmed Omran, teacher.

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed Ahmed , teacher.

Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud Abdullah, Assistant Professor – Seconded.

Dr. Ahmed Atito Abdel-Aty, teacher – seconded.

Dr. Amal Ahmed Mohammed Rashid, teacher.

Dr. Ahmed Elaraby Ahmed Elaraby, Teacher.

Dr. Hasnaa Rabie Ibrahim Ahmed, Teacher.

Dr. Sameh Muhammad Mustafa Sayed, Teacher.

Dr. Ismail Gad Amin, Teacher.

Dr. Hammam Abdel-Aal Hammam El-Shazly, Teacher – Scientific Mission

Dr. Yasser Salama Hassan Abdel Rahman, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Yasser Kamal Hassan Moawad, Assistant Teacher – Study leave

Dr. Hilal Muhammad Hilal Al-Shihaby, teacher.

Dr. Hala Abdel Majeed Mahmoud, Teacher Child Care  leave.

Dr. Amr Muhammad Al-Rawi Muhammad, Teacher.
Dr. Raja Ahmad Abbas Ahmad, Teacher.

Dr. Murad Al-Sayed Khalil Ahmed, Teacher-Full-time.

Dr. Diaa El-Din El-Zanaty, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Montaser Fikry Abdel-Zaher Mohamed, Assistant Teacher- Study leave.

Dr. Yasmine Ahmed Jaber Abdel Azim , Assistant Teacher.

Dr.Omaima Abdel-Aty Abu Zeid,  Assistant Teacher.

Dr.Nada Mubarak Ahmed Mubarak, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Ayat Ahmed Radwan Tamraz, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Suhair Gad Al-Lah Abu Al-Wafa Arafat, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Reda Mohamed Ahmed Ali, Teaching assistant.

Dr. Basma Ahmed Abdel Hafez Khalafallah, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Hanan Abdel-Gawad Salem, Assistant Teacher.

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Mahmoud, Assistant teacher.

Dr. Saiid Fawzy Abulhamd, Teaching Assistant.

Hoda Mohamed Mahmoud, Demonstrator.

Manar Mohamed Ahmed, Demonstrator .

Asmaa Fangary Muhammad, Demonstrator .

Asmaa Hamed Abu Bakr, Demonstrator .

Abdul Rahman Salim Muhammad Salim, Demonstrator.

Abdullah Fathy Abdel Fattah, Demonstrator.

Eman Musa Muhammad, Demonstrator.

Marwa Masoud Muhammad, Demonstrator.

Helena Raafat Tamer Wanis, Demonstrator.

Ahmed Mahmoud Badry Ismail, Demonstrator.

Essam Abdel Baset Mahmoud, Demonstrator.

Mona Abu Al Hamad Ahmed, Demonstrator.

Marwa Hussein Ahmed Mubarak, Demonstrator, child care leave.

El-Saddam Ali Bahieg Ali, Demonstrator.

Shaima Awad Darwish Muhammad, Demonstrator.

Juma`a Sha’ban Juma’a, Demonstrator, (Conscript).

Ahmed Hamada Mohamed Mahmoud, Demonstrator.

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