Public Relations Administration

-The Public Relations of the faculty has an effective role, as it connects the audiences through positive and media communication between all parties, overcomes obstacles to create a successful relationships, facilitating communication in media channels and investing them effectively to support the faculty in all its fields.


-It has a vision to build a distinct, advanced and pioneering educational, using technical capabilities, human efforts and material equipment.

-It provides the appropriate place for scientific and practical experiences, as it is the media platform for South Valley University.

-It seeks to emphasize the role of the media, in line with the modern era, the requirements of progress and to produce it in a coherent and coordinated form.Mission


-Enabling the faculty to perform its societal responsibilities in an orderly manner.

-Opening communication channels to reinforce the relationship between the faculty in all its groups and the society.

-Paying attention to educational, sports and technical services in coordination with faculty administration.

-Values of trust, honesty and transparency through the news published by the faculty’s media.