Faculty objective

Faculty of Mass Communication aims to prepare and qualify the graduates in various disciplines, who are able to work effectively in: press, radio and television, public relations and advertising, and electronic media, through providing scientific knowledge, practical experience, technological skills and ethics that are necessary to qualify them for the labor market in these fields , where the faculty’s objectives as following :-
1- Qualifying the graduates in the press field , press information centers, and news agencies in the areas of (collecting and editing the news, the ability to write in various newspapers and magazines, journalist design and director, as well as publishing)
2- Qualifying the graduates to work in radio and television institutions in (setting the programs, introducing the programs, radio television and direction, public opinion research).
3- Qualifying the graduates to work in administrations of Media, Public relations , and advertisement at public and private sectors to improve the organizations through activities of public relations
4- Qualifying the graduates to work in marketing communication through marketing the products, goods, services, ideas as well as affecting on republicans through attracting and convince them
5- Qualifying the graduates to work in the public opinion polls, media studies, planning for media campaigns and advertising, as well as working in advertising agencies and marketing.

6- Qualifying the graduates to work in designing and editing the media websites of press and magazines, radio websites and television, public relations , organizations , companies , designing campaigns of the media, marketing, advertising, e-commerce via internet.

7- Keeping up with continued development of communication technology through set programs in Arabic and English to meet the requirements of development in Upper Egypt