The Faculty Goals

The Faculty seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. Preparing specialists in computers, information and artificial intelligence who are qualified with theoretical foundations and application methodologies in order to qualify them for global competition in the permanent and continuous development of software, smart systems and information technology.
  1. Conducting scientific and applied studies and research in the field of computers and information, foremost of which are those that have a direct impact on the integrated development in society.
  1. Providing scientific and technical advice and assistance to bodies and agencies that use computer and information technology.
  1. Training of technical personnel in the various sectors of the state on computer technology, information and artificial intelligence.
  1. Spreading awareness and deepening it in society with the aim of using technology, information and artificial intelligence in the various sectors and institutions of the state, and raising the efficiency of their use.
  1. Organizing scientific conferences and meetings to raise the educational level and deepen the scientific concept among the specialized personnel.
  1. Concluding scientific agreements with the corresponding bodies and institutions at the local, regional and global levels, with the aim of exchanging views and conducting research related to the disciplines of computers, information and artificial intelligence.
  2. Providing and supporting the publishing means and scientific research and investing it in various fields.
  1. Establishing advanced specialized units in the various branches of computer science, information and artificial intelligence.
  1. Contributing to building sustainable development in Upper Egypt.
  1. Participating with the specialized authorities to develop and Arabize the software of various smart systems and applications.
  1. Continuous development of the capabilities of faculty members and their assistants in line with the rapid growth in computers and information.
  1. Continuous development in academic programs and educational systems in line with the requirements of preparing a distinguished and competitive graduate.