foreign students

The university provides a number of services for foreign students. The headquarters of south valley university is located in Qena . the university has colleges in Luxor and Hurghada. These cities are located in upper Egypt, the cradle of civilizations. in the south, the ancient Egyptian civilization existed which taught the humanity arts, literature and knowledge. the south witnessed a great development movement and rising in the economic and living standards along with temperate climate, it is then the student can live in the south without material or moral hardships, the prices are suitable for student life, the southerners are characterized by generosity and companionship, students can enjoy their leisure by visiting the historical sites or picnicking along the Nile .the university includes a number of faculties that contain various departments.

The document cycle

Students apply to the university with the following documents:

-origin of the high school certificate, documented from the foreign ministry of your state and approved by the Egyptian embassy.

-origin of the birth certificate, documented as mentioned above

-a letter of agreement for studying in the Egyptian universities from the embassy of the student or the cultural attaché of his state in Cairo (a condition, to deal with the student at the minimum of the year 1995-1996 )in all faculties including top colleges.

-a complete copy of the passport

-6 recent photographs

-application request

-information form(origin,2 copies)

-wishes card to choose the colleges that suites your marks

-foreign students guide with a statement of information, related to faculties, high institutes and equivalent certificates of all countries.

 Conditions for admission of the foreign students

-to be free of infectious diseases and your validity to continue the studying according to the rules of the higher council of universities and faculties broads.

-the minimum of the foreign high school is applied to all students, who holds an academic certificate from either inside or outside.

-the requirement of recency of the qualification of students who got high school equivalency and are candidates through their states may be excluded, and that to strengthen the relations with various countries, especially the Arab African countries, and that will be applied with the knowledge of the ministry (this condition does not apply to top faculties except within a year in addition to the year of admission)

-the requests of some countries can be admitted through The Arab Affairs in all faculties and institutes(Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq , Yemen, Qatar , Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria)

-students of some faculties can be admitted through The Arab Affairs of all nationalities such as (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical  therapy, engineering, petroleum engineering, fine arts, agriculture, physical planning)

-The university accepts the foreign scholars only as freshmen  (no transferring or study completion)

Facilities for foreign students

the university provides adequate housing at its university cities for the foreign students with the assessed fees. it also helps the students to get outer housing if the university halls are not available.