Employee Affairs Administration

Statistics of the employees’ number

Position No.
Employee 6
Worker 1

Statistics of the administration employees

Name Position Qualification Birth date
Ahmed Abdel Moneim Mahmoud Snousy

Employee  Affairs Manager


Commercial Technical Diploma 22/81961
Ahmed Ashour Hassanein Responsible of vacations Diploma of   Agriculture 7/7/1950
Nashat  Hamada Abdulsalam Raslan Dues Commercial Technical Diploma 10/4/1966
Esmat Mohamed Ahmed Abdallah          ”         “ 5/12/1961
Eman Mansour Moustafa Ali Bachelor of Education 5/1/1976
Huda Yousif Ismail Mahmoud Commercial Technical Diploma 6/12/1971
Ramadan Khalil Ali Worker 17/4/1956

Name Degree Function
Ahmed Abdel Moneim Mahmoud Snousy First Employee  Affairs Manager

( (Reworking  – division of labor

Ahmed Ashour Hassanein Registering   vacations and secret  reports
Nashat  Hamada Abdulsalam Raslan Second Extra hours –correcting-councils of administrations
Esmat Mohamed Ahmed Abdallah Salaries, rewards and overtime pay for workers and variable pays Cards
Eman Mansour Moustafa Ali Salaries, rewards , overtime fee for employee , annual tax reconciliation, variable pays Cards and periodical and private raise
Huda Yousif Ismail Mahmoud Third Salaries , rewards to the faculty staff members , monthly and annual tax reconciliation, regular stamp calculation, variable pays Cards,  periodical and private raise, promotions and appointments
Ramadan Khalil Ali   Services worker

Statistics of the faculty staff members

Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Total Assistant Lecturer Demonstrator Total Total
29 25 94 148 46 58 104 252

Number of employees

Employee workers Total
117 50 167