About SCI

The Faculty of Science is eager to be one of the most prestigious faculties on the local, regional, and international level, it works on achieving this goal through raising the performance level in all aspects, especially the academic ones, and that by providing an appropriate environment to offer quality education, and implementing high research studies and projects. The faculty works on building educational programs, characterized by activating the role of students and stimulating their intellectual faculties by combining theoretical and applied aspects which qualify the graduates to be able to link what they studied with their future experiences and improve their previous experiences.

The faculty works on achieving the following strategic goals ;

  • Cooperating with scientific, regional, and international universities and institutions.
  • providing distinctive and educational services to supply the labour market with efficient graduates.
  • keeping up with the scientific progress by continued training and improvement in the academic field.

faculty of science in Qena contains the following departments:

  • Geology department
  • Chemistry department
  • Mathematics department
  • Physics department
  • Botany department
  • Zoology department