The Cooperation Protocol with the Cement Industry

The Faculty of Science seeks to build active partnerships with community actors on visit the Cement Factory in Kift-Qena on Tuesday, 25 October 2020, to consulting the ways to cooperate between the Faculty and the factory.

In the presence of Prof. Dr Mahjoub Aziz, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr Hamily Abdel Shafy Hassan, Vice-Dean for Education and Students, Prof. Dr Khalid Ben-Walid Abdel Fattah, Director of  Quality Unit, Prof. Dr Khaled Said Mohamed Head of Zoology Department,  Prof. Dr Hisham Ahmed Hussain Head of Geology Department, Dr Mohamed Aweis Badri, Director of Community Service Unit, Dr Abdul Mawgod Mohamed Mahmoud, Director of Questionnaires Unit, and  A. Ismat Mohamed Ahmed, vice-dean Secretary.

As a result, an agreement to cooperation protocol for participants in several research projects at the factory, training for students of the faculty, as well as a lecture and training on cement manufacturing within the Faculty.