Community services sector

Vice President’s Speech:

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed Abdullah, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector, stated that the sector reflects the university role in community service and environmental development. It supervises on centers and units of special nature and university establishments that present services for the community and the surrounding environment.
In addition to that the sector organize symposiums and conferences, that aid to raise the level of the environmental culture, in addition to that the service convoys (medical, veterinary, awareness campaign…) for the direct interaction with the surrounding community.

It is the sector entrusted with activating the role of the university in solving community problems and contributing to development issues. In addition to being one of the important and basic sectors in the organizational structure of the university because of its tasks and responsibilities and a distinct level of services. it is the only window through which the university overlooks the surrounding community to find out the real problems in it and to find scientific solutions to them, which ultimately leads to Community development to be able to keep pace with progress and achieve sustainable development goals of Egypt 2030.


  • Economic management of services and projects.
  • The University is a home of expertise for all civil society bodies and institutions.
  • A university without walls, distance learning, and language teaching.
  • Technological management, continuous training and media support.
  • Develop new special units.
  • Support and participation in the strategic plan of the university.
  • Placing the university on the national and global map of quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Developing the capabilities of the academic and administrative staff.


  • The University should be an expertise home for civil society and a scientific and cultural center.
  • Gaining the trust of the community and strengthening the University’s international position.
  • Achieving sustainable development through the transfer of knowledge, expertise and technology.
  • Establishing and developing community service and development units.