Environmental project Management

Functions & responsibilities:
  • Conduct analytical studies to transform plans and programs of environmental development into research projects to achieve industrial, agricultural, service and human goals for various environmental organizations.
  • Designing proposals for applied research projects in coordination with the university faculties.
  • Discuss the proposals for applied and research projects with local environmental organizations to be presented to the officials for agreement.
  • Develop executive plans governing the implementation of applied research projects and achieving their objectives.
  • Cooperate with concerned authorities and local and foreign research centers to implement some applied research projects.
Activities and programs implemented by the Environmental project Management:
  • Year-round afforestation and public service camps inside or outside the university.
  • Participation in sustainable development forums organized by various external actors.
  • Follow up the implementation of protocols for environmental projects concluded by the university with external parties, whether governmental or non-governmental.
  • Daily follow-up of students’ participation in the National Illiteracy Eradication Project as per the cooperation protocol between the Adult Education Authority and the University, with the implementation of various activities to activate the protocol throughout the year, whether inside or outside the university.