Community Service Affairs Administration

Tasks and responsibilities:
  • Organizing and carrying out convoys of all kinds; medical, human, veterinary, agricultural, sports, media, computer, health, and community, etc.
  •  Providing services and activities to all organizations, authorities and individuals within the governorates of south Upper Egypt; Qena, Luxor, Aswan and Red Sea, and providing them with scientific expertise to benefit from them in various fields.
  •  Implementation of initiatives and programmes determined by the State to serve deprived and poorest areas within the University’s geographical scope, such as Hayat Karima initiative and other new initiatives as well as initiatives renewed by the Ministry to serve the surrounding community.
  •  Implementation of competitions and activities that stimulate the attainment of maximum progress and excellence in addition to providing suggestions and recommendations for specialists to avoid negatives and reinforce positives and submit periodic reports on what is real and emerging negatives and positives in these competitions.
  • Cooperation and integration with some service ministries through cooperation protocols and agreements.
  • Highlighting the educational and research role of the university and providing expertise and qualified cadres to serve the community surrounding it.
  • Develop plans and programs that help to provide services to those who deserve it.
  • Cooperating with the community service administrations in the faculties to implement the plans and programs entrusted to each faculty.