1. Protected Area Assessment in Qattara and other small depressions (El Moghra, El Arag, El Bahrein, Numeisa and Sitra) in the northern part of the Western Desert, Egypt (December, 1996).

2. Protected Area Assessment in the surroundings of Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga Oases in the Western Desert, Egypt (February 1998).

3. Protected Area Assessment in the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt (May 1998).

4. Environmental Impact Assessment of Development Project: Sharm Abu Makhadeg area, Red Sea, Egypt (July 1998).

5. Environmental Impact Assessment for Underground Storage of LPG at Zeit Bay, North Hurghada (January 1999).

6. Environmental Impact Assessment for several Tourist Projects along the Red Sea Coast of Egypt (1999-2004).

7. Evaluation and assessment of ornamental stones (granite, green and red breccia, metagabbro) of the Eastern Desert (Qena and Red Sea regions) (June 2000). 8. Landfill sites of Aswan region (Abu Simbel, Aswan, Balana, Kalabsha, Idfo): a geological and hydrogeological point of view (June, 2000).

9. Landfill site and its management of Qena City (August and December 2000).

10. Environmental Impact Assessment for the project of marble and granite factory in Qift industrial region (August 2000).

11. Qena Environmental Baseline – Geology, Geomorphology and Landscape (December 2000).

12. A management plan of Giftun Island and its adjacent areas: Geology, Geomorphology and Physical Features (March 2001).

13. Pollution and Desertification in Upper Egypt- A development Research Project- Center of Social Studies, American University, Cairo (September 2001 – March 2003) 14. Evaluation and assessment of landfill site of Aluminum Company in Nag Hammadi (January / February 2003)

15. A Management plan of Wadi El Gemal-Hamata protected area, Red Sea – Geology, mineral and other natural resources, and mining and quarrying activities (March 2003) 16. Action plan of Qena Governorate: Biodiversity and other natural resources (Mineral Resources and Cultural Heritage)(May 2003).

17. Reduced Paint Losses in Auto Repair Workshops, Gabalawi Workshop, Qena Governorate: Case Study (April-May, 2004). The principal objective of this project is to show how the economic and environmental objectives could be effectively met by using efficient spray guns at a small-scale car-painting workshop.

18. Environmental Impact Assessment of Kadco Project (TOUSHKA AREA): Climate, Topography, Geomorphology, Geology, Seismicity and Earthquakes activity, Hydrogeology, Soil Characteristics, and Terrestrial Environments (June 2004).

19. Environmental Impact Assessment for the Grand Museum of Egypt: Geology, Hydrogeology and Hydrology (June 2005).

20. Environmental Profile for Luxor Area: Geology, Hydrogeology, Mineral Resources, and Cultural Heritage (July 2005).

21. Environmental Impact Assessment for two shipyards for repairing and maintenance of ships, south Safaga (August, 2005, January, 2006)