Attending Conferences in Foreign Countries

[1993] :

-Sedimet 93 (8. Sedimentologen – Treffen), Philipps Universitat Marburg/Lahn, Germany.

-Third European powder diffraction conference (EPDIC-3), Vienna-Austria, 1993, Austria.

-International Society for Reef Studies, First European Regional Meeting, Vienna, 16-20. December 1993, Austria.


[1997] :

-Sediment 97, 12. Sedimentologen-treffen/12th Annual Meeting of Sedimentologists, at the Department of geology, University of Cologne, Germany, 21.- 24. May, 1997, Germany.

-Oaea heidelbergensis, 3, Heidelberg 1997, 18th IAS Regional European Meeting of Sedimentology, Heidelberg, September 2-4, 1997, Germany.


[1999] :

-The Second Symposium on the Red Sea Marine Environment, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, 8-10 November 1999, Saudi Arabia.


Besides: Several national and international conferences held in Egypt have been attended (see list of Abstract). Published 30 original scientific work.